, 2017-10-10 18:26:25
Volkswagen Polo Hatchback

The Polo Hatchback.

Sporty, fun and German engineered.

Places to go, things to do, and the space to hold it all.

Starting from

Starting from

Design & Equipment

The Volkswagen Polo looks as formidable as it drives. It's built like every other Volkswagen car - sturdy, strong and precise! Right from its sporty, yet premium exteriors to clean and ergonomic interiors, everything in the Polo is crafted only for you.

  • Exterior Design

    First impressions matter.

    A Euro-style exterior matched by an interior that gets more comfortable everyday. You look good in this car.

  • Interior

    Makes you want to stay in.

    Places to go, things to do, and the space to hold it all.

  • 6-speed Automatic Transmission with Tiptronic


    Has all the convenience and technical features of an automatic transmission with the advantage of a manual.


Get lost in the joy of the ride, but never in the Polo's infotainment system.

Comfort & Safety

Style meets safety & technology in the Polo, with the inclusion of advanced features designed to make your driving experience an absolute pleasure as well as safe. They are constantly at work, so that you can worry less about the drive and focus on the road ahead.

  • ISOFIX anchorage points

    Space for our little VIP passengers.

    Keep your child safe and in place at all times with the ISOFIX anchorage points for easy installment and removal of your child's seat.

  • Driver & Passenger Side Airbags

    Ready for life's bumps, swerves and sharp turns.

    The one feature we hope you never use. But it's here just the same.

  • Anti-lock Braking System

    Stop at will.

    The standard Anti-lock Braking System in the Volkswagen Polo, ensure you get traction and control when you want to stop, without losing control or fearing unnecessary lag.


A Polo Hatchback crafter to perfection.

Drive home your Polo Hatchback now.