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The Passat.

The Passat. As confident as you.

The Passat embodies superior design and engineering: a unique symbiosis of comfort, elegance and dynamics for people who set priorities in life.

Ready to impress.

High standards made real: the design of the Passat exudes elegance and dynamism.

  • Exterior

    Confident appearance with sportily elegant lines.

    Elegant proportions and a modern lifestyle: the design of the Passat meets exacting demands with ease.

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  • Cockpit

    Expectations are there to be exceeded.

    What was promised on the exterior, is kept on the inside: the vehicle interior is guaranteed to captivate you with its superior quality and stylish design.

  • LED headlights

    Excellent vision with excellent design.

    Looks sportily striking and also provides improved visibility: energy-saving LED technology delivers a large volume of light coupled with minimal energy consumption.

  • Panoramic Sunroof

    Let natural light brighten up your way to work.

    All your passengers will love the view from your Passat's panoramic sunroof. Measuring over 12-square-feet, it tilts and slides so you and your VIPs enjoy the sun, the moon, and the stars.

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Safety and Technology

The Passat is available with a large number of optional intelligent assistance systems, which help to keep you relaxed with everyday driving.

  • Cruise Control

    Make long journeys safer and more comfortable.

    Our cruise control system works electronically to help regulate your car's speed. It reduces the stress on drivers and offers you more comfort on long journeys by keeping a constant speed. It's particularly effective when you have to stay within speed limits for a long way - when driving through miles of roadworks on the motorway, for example - and cuts the risk of your speed creeping up by accident.

    The system works by memorizing and maintaining the speed you select. It's very flexible, too. You can increase or reduce speed manually - to a defined value - and you also have the option of returning to the speed most recently memorized.

  • NCAP results

    Top marks for safety

    Safety is paramount when driving. Awarded the maximum five NCAP stars, the Passat reigns supreme in this respect as well.

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  • Rearview Camera

    We've got your back.

    The rearview camera system of your Passat help you see obstacles when backing up, making everything easier, and safer.

  • Driver Alert System

    Senses when you start to feel tired and need a break.

    Our new Driver Alert System gives early warning of when you need to take a break on long and tiring journeys, making motorway driving safer.

  • Active Info Display

    High-resolution, highly informative.

    The digital instrument cluster in the cockpit with its high-resolution colour screen; the display can graphically present all driving data and the navigation map. Various information profiles are available for greater comfort, convenience and flexibility.

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Pioneering entertainment and information.

  • App-Connect

    Enjoy full connectivity on the go.

    App-Connect includes three innovative technological functions you can use to display your smartphone apps on the touchscreen of your infotainment system: MirrorLink™, Android Auto™ from Google, and Apple CarPlay™.

  • Radio and navigation

    Isn’t it nice to pick your own co-driver?

    In your Volkswagen, you decide what’s on. You can choose from two radios, each with matching speakers, intuitive controls and plenty of connection options. Alternatively, choose one of the two navigation systems with multimedia capabilities that leave virtually nothing to be desired.

  • Discover Pro with 8" Color Touchscreen

    Hands up! Technology advancing.

    The Discover Pro color touchscreen is the infotainment system for the especially discerning driver. Offering you 8 inches of screen, 3-D map viewing, and voice activated controls, the system also makes phone calls easier with Bluetooth technology to increase the convenience of hands-free calls.

Comfort and Convenience

The Passat provides maximum comfort on short as well as long trips.

  • ergoComfort seat

    Sit more comfortably.

    Drive whilst being gentle on your back, with the ergoComfort seat. It helps to ensure that your spine assumes the right posture and has therefore been awarded the “Tested & recommended” quality seal by the Campaign for Healthy Backs e.V. (AGR).

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  • "Air Care Climatronic" air conditioning system

    Tailored to your needs.

    The “Air Care Climatronic” air conditioning system lets the driver, front passenger and the passengers in the rear seats set their own personal comfort temperatures – thanks to different climate zones.

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  • Driving profile selection

    Present your profile.

    From sporty to economical – find your personal driving profile or adjust the driving behaviour of the Passat to suit you current situation.

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  • Keyless Access with Push-Button Start

    Get in and sit down in the lap of comfort.

    Conveniently unlock your car and get in the cabin of the Passat without taking out your keys. Press the Push-Button start to turn on and off the engine.


Discover the Passat.

Discover the Passat.