, 2019-10-22 00:09:34
The Tiguan

The Tiguan.

It's an adventure with every ride.

You live life as if it were an adventure, during your weeks in the city and weekends in the wilderness. But wouldn’t it be better if you had German-engineering on your side as you go on your journeys?


  • Exterior design

  • Interior design

  • 17" alloy wheels

  • Bi-Xenon headlights with turn signal lights

  • Panoramic Sunroof

  • LED Tail Lights


Comfort & Convenience


  • Auto Hold

    It is an extension of our electronic parking brake system. It stops your car from accidentally rolling backwards when you're stationary. That means you won't need to keep applying the parking brake manually, check whether you've applied enough braking pressure, or worry about rolling back as you prepare to move off.


    The Isofix child seat fixes directly into compatible fittings in your Volkswagen, creating a secure link. It's quick, simple and there's no need to use the adult seatbelts.

  • Proactive Occupant Protection System

    In case of accident, seat belts will automatically tighten and windows will automatically close to assure maximum functionality of the airbag system. Front and passenger airbags are there to protect the passenger wherever the impact may be.

  • ESP

    This system detects critical driving conditions such as risk of skidding, wheel spin or over/under steering, and take actions to keep the vehicle on course each and every time.

  • Tire pressure monitor

    The system checks your tires constantly, keeping you safer. Maintaining the correct tire pressure also helps your tires last longer and cuts fuel consumption, saving you money at the pumps.

Volkswagen Service Advantage

Buying a Volkswagen has many advantages that help you keep your car in top condition. So maintaining your Volkswagen isn't as costly as you think!

Drive home your Tiguan now.