Comfort & Convenience

A more relaxing way to drive.


Climatronic automatic air conditioning

Climatronic regulates the temperature of the cabin based on the chosen temperature setting, adjusting the blower speed and operating the air distribution flaps automatically to ensure a pleasant interior climate in all conditions, with minimal draught as the air flows through the passenger compartment. 

2-zone electronic air conditioning

The 2-zone system air conditioning system allows you to adjust the relevant climate settings to your desired areas within the car whilst travelling. 

Available on select models.

Electric Parking Brake with Auto-hold

Using our electronic parking brake couldn't be easier. Press the button and your car is securely parked and an indicator light shows to reassure you that the brake is on. When you're ready to drive off again just depress the brake pedal, push the button to release the parking brake and drive away.

The electronic parking brake is operated by means of two geared electric motors on the rear disc brakes which when engaged will hold your car securely parked. Indicator lights in the instrument cluster and on the button show when the parking brake is on, while an audible signal also tells you that the brake is being applied.

Available on select models.

Electric Parking Break with Auto-Hold

Keyless Locking and Starting System (KESSY)

KESSY offers the driver maximum convenience: you merely have to carry the key with you, in your hand or bag. The most important components of keyless systems are the ID sender in the car key, the electronic ignition lock, the starter button, the control unit, the electric steering column lock and the aerials and sensors in the door handles.

The key is identified via proximity sensors in the door handles and a radio pulse generator in the key housing as soon as the driver is within approximately 1.50 metres of the car. The vehicle is automatically unlocked as soon as the door handle (or boot lid) is activated. Provided the driver has the key with them while inside the car, the engine can be started simply by pressing the starter button down fully. When leaving the car, it suffices to put your hands on the door handles in order to lock the vehicle.

Available on select models.

Rear view camera

The Rear View camera helps the driver to reverse. The camera image in the display of the radio or radio/navigation system shows the area behind the vehicle.

Rear View helps with parking by superimposing guidelines over the camera image. And depending on model, these show the path the vehicle will take with the current steering wheel setting, and when the steering wheel has to be turned.

This allows the vehicle to be backed up to any obstacle, regardless of whether it is a bumper or a kerbstone without an expensive repair bill. And coupling up a trailer is no longer a problem.

Available on select models.

Rear view camera
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Start Stop

BlueMotion Technology

We think that sitting in traffic is bad enough without knowing that you have to pay for it too. That's why we created BlueMotion Technology, a really simple way of helping you to save money whenever you come to a stop.

BlueMotion almost completely deactivates your engine whenever you come to a temporary standstill and then smoothly reactivates it whenever you're ready to get moving again.

Available on select models.