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Volkswagen ownership comes with benefits. Find out more about your vehicle and our services here.

A VW service employee changes a brake disc of a car – Volkswagen Parts

Genuine Parts – 100% Volkswagen

The perfect fit for your model: With our Genuine Parts, you’ll preserve the value and safety of your Volkswagen. Allow us to present a few of our product groups.

A VW service employee refills AdBlue® into a Volkswagen – VW service

Repair and Service for your vehicle

The right care and proper service help your Volkswagen keep you mobile. Read more about the corresponding service offers for your vehicle.

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Emergency Roadside Assistance

Accidents and breakdowns do happen – despite all precautions. When you drive a Volkswagen, you are entitled to an exclusive ownership privilege that is designed to provide you with 24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance.

A VW service employee refills engine oil into a yellow car

Engine oil and fluids protect and complement

Well-oiled means a better performance: With our genuine operating fluids, such as AdBlue®, screenwash, coolant or brake fluid and engine oils, your Volkswagen puts in a top performance.


Ayala Rewards Circle

A rewarding experience awaits. Customers who purchased a car from a Volkswagen showroom under Iconic Dealership Inc., worth at least P1,250,000 in the last five years are eligible for membership.