A VW service employee is cleaning the exterior of a VW car – care products
Engine oil & Fluids

Protection against rust, heat and limescale – more on our genuine operating fluids and AdBlue®

They protect the engine, transfer braking force, ensure a clear view and cleaner air. Discover our Volkswagen Genuine Operating Fluids such as AdBlue®, coolant, screenwash and brake fluid.

Fewer emissions with little effort

AdBlue® is an odourless urea solution. It reduces harmful nitrogen oxides in diesel vehicle emissions. What do you have to do? Simply refill AdBlue® after a few thousand kilometres.

  • Economical:
    A passenger vehicle requires 1.5–2.8 l AdBlue® per 1,000 km. The tank holds between 11 and 19 l – depending on model.
  • Easy to refill:
    Inquire with your Volkswagen Partner.
  • Controllable consumption:
    The consumption of AdBlue® depends hugely on your driving style. Drivers who hit the gas a little harder will have to refill more often.

Technology in the tank

Volkswagen models with AdBlue®

In addition to their low NOx emissions, AdBlue® models can be recognised by the separate filler necks. Depending on the model, this is located either next to the diesel filler neck, in the luggage compartment or the engine compartment – as a operating fluid, AdBlue® has to be filled separately.

Tips for refilling

Yellow VW warning light: AdBlue® must be refilled

Refill AdBlue®

Depending on your driving style and the model, your Volkswagen consumes an average of 1.5–2.8 l of AdBlue® per 1,000 km. A warning signal will indicate when it’s time to refill – both 2,400 km and 1,000 km in advance.

Refilling AdBlue® into a VW car – the AdBlue® Service

AdBlue® Service

Convenient, quick, affordable
Save on time and money, but not on convenience: The AdBlue® Service. We’ll check the operating range and refill your tank if necessary.

A bottle of VW coolant additive G12evo – coolant on board for refills

Volkswagen Genuine Coolant Additive G13

Maximum protection at maximum performance

If you accelerate, things start getting very hot in your engine – actually, too hot for many materials. Volkswagen G13 Genuine Coolant Additive cools reliably even under heavy strain. At the same time, the innovative formulation protects against limescale, corrosion, and acids. Perfect – even for fully aluminium engines.

Warning lamps: coolant additive

Red VW warning light: Coolant level too low, temperature too high or defective coolant system

Coolant level too low, temperature too high or defective coolant system

  • Illuminated:
    Top up coolant, temperature too high or defective coolant system.
  • Flashing:
    Defective coolant system.

Temperature indicator in the warning zone?
Stop, switch off the engine and allow it to cool down. Check the coolant level. Only then is it safe to continue driving.

Temperature indicator in the normal zone?
Check the coolant level when the engine has cooled down and top up if necessary. Level OK? Warning – defect! Don’t drive any further, then contact your Service Partner.

Red VW warning light: Defective engine coolant system

Defective engine coolant system

Don’t drive any further! Seek professional assistance.

Blue VW warning light: Coolant temperature with a natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas engine too low

Coolant temperature with a natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas engine too low

Avoid high speeds and too great a pressure on the engine.

Strong in the face of dirt - protects your car

Volkswagen Genuine Screenwash

Rain and insects: No matter what is in the air today, Volkswagen Genuine Screenwash will enable you to retain a clear view. At the same time, the special formulation protects your windscreens and the windscreen washer against frost and limescale – without leaving marks on your paintwork.

A clear view of the road

With our aero wiper blades, you’ll have a clear view in rain. And at high speeds too, thanks to their aerodynamic and smooth shape.

A VW service employee is advising a customer on windscreen wipers

A separate standard for your brake system

Volkswagen Genuine Brake Fluid

Protection in extreme cold and under extreme pressure, more time until the next maintenance appointment: Our brake fluid has been developed alongside your brake system and is so much more than simply standard – it even sets its own: The VW standard, 501.14.

A bottle of Volkswagen Genuine Brake Fluid
  • Protects materials:
    Does not effect the seals. Prevents rusting of pipes and cylinders.
  • Longer maintenance interval:
    Extends the first maintenance interval of new Volkswagen to three years.

Brake fluid FAQs