Volkswagen Fleet

Why choose Volkswagen for your Business?

Drive your business forward with our fleet program

Whatever your business size, you need the right vehicle, at the right price, with the right support to keep you business moving. There will be a Volkswagen model that is the perfect solution for your business, whatever industry you're in.

Who are eligable?

The following entities and institutions are eligible to apply and be registered with Volkswagen as fleet account and be entitled to the fleet subsidy, incentive and privileges of our Fleet Program. 

Any of the following duly registered private entities:

  •  Sole Proprietorships
  • Partnerships
  • Corporations (profit or non-profit, including association and foundation) 

Government Departments/Agencies and Bilateral/Multilateral Institutions such as: 

  • Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of Government and the different Departments and/or Agencies attached thereto
  • Government Owned and/or Controlled Corporations
  • Local Government Units and attached Agencies
  • Foreign Embassies or Consulates
  • Bilateral or Multilateral Institutions or Organizations bases in and/or recognized by the Philippine Government

Fleet Conditions

To be qualified as a Corporate Fleet Account, the applicant must meet the following conditions and/or requirements:

01. Applicant must be any of the following eligible business entity or institution mentioned above.

02. Applicant must have a minimum or initial order of three (3) single or mixed model of any of the current lineup to be completely delivered within the prescribed period

03. Applicant must purchase the units under the following conditions:

  • Company or agency service cars/ vehicles to be registered under applicant’s name; or
  • As a part of the applicant’s car plan or car loan program; or
  • Any other similar program or activity within the applicant’s principal business/organizational objectives.

Ready to talk business?

Our Fleet team are available to discuss your business needs and tailor a solution best suited to you.