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Volkswagen Santana: German qualities with Pinoy sensibilities

August 10, 2021

When William Russell Scheirman Jr. was considering the car brand he would buy for his employees at Scheirman Construction Consolidated Incorporated (SCCI), it didn’t take long for him to decide on the marque that was nearest and dearest to his heart.

Scheirman drew from his fond experiences of owning and driving a Volkswagen Golf in his native land in Germany, and he knew at once that nothing less than a Volkswagen would do for his own staff.

Eventually, Scheirman chose an initial fleet of Santanas for his engineers at SCCI. According to Scheirman, his team would have in their hands a “very smart-looking car that would get them to and from project sites safely, efficiently, and reliably on a daily basis.”

Scheirman, the President and CEO of SCCI which he established in the Philippines in 2016, has consistently been passionate and determined in the construction industry. Such a drive has led him to develop businesses in allied sectors such as food and healthcare, not just in the Philippines, but all over Asia.

Scheirman also strongly believes that the choice of a company vehicle is crucial in moving the company forward. Thus, he puts his trust and confidence on the brand that carries a truly world-class reputation in quality. By his own experience, the executive knows that the precision-engineering qualities and characteristics of Volkswagen in Germany also reflect in all other Volkswagen manufacturing and distribution hubs anywhere in the world—a unique strength that a global Volkswagen espouses.

And that is also the reason Scheirman has been drawn to the complete value-to-price package of the Santana. “It’s very impressive that the Santana in the Philippines would not only offer German-quality design, engineering, and craftsmanship, but also offer such an accessible price point. As a businessman who owns his own company and is familiar with the entire Asian market, such qualities of the Santana make it easy for me to decide to go for it.”

He adds, “I would definitely recommend the Volkswagen Santana for those who are considering buying a car that would perfectly meet their needs for that classic design look, undeniable Volkswagen heritage, efficient and easy operation, affordable ownership and maintenance costs, and dependable everyday city driving.”

Check out for yourself why the Volkswagen Santana is the perfect match for you and your everyday mobility needs. Log on to and follow Volkswagen Philippines’ Facebook page and Instagram account at @volkswagenph for more details on the Santana.