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Paving the road to safety.

Take care of what you love the most.

In April 2015, Volkswagen Philippines launched the Child Safety Initiative (CSI) advocacy – a corporate social responsibility project that aims to raise public awareness for children’s road safety both as a pedestrian and as a passenger. The first program under the CSI advocacy is the Junior Driving Course. This is intended for children ages 4 to 8 year old to learn about basic road safety in a simulated 50 square meter road network complete with road signs, road markings and traffic light. Here, a professional instructor conducts the seminar, and once they have completed their driving tasks, a junior driver’s license is issued.

Two years after, Volkswagen introduced a new program under the same advocacy. This is the Steps to Safety program for children ages 9 to 12 years old. A road safety program that addresses pedestrian safety through a virtual reality game application played on a Samsung Gear VR gadget.

Junior Driving Course


A 50-meter junior driving course with seven Volkswagen kiddie cars designed to simulate real life road situations. This is an educational program designed for children ages 4 to 8 years old where professional driving instructors explain the importance of road safety visuals and correct passenger and pedestrian behaviours.

  • Child Safety Corner- Volkswagen sets up a “Child Safety Corner” to teach the motoring public on child road safety. It has two major components: (1). The Miniature Road Network and (2) The Child Seat Corner.
  • Road Safety Seminar- A 15-minute seminar conducted by professional instructors where they teach safety awareness to children and imparts important road safety habits to their parents.
  • Driving Tasks- After the seminar, the children are tasked to complete simple driving tasks on the road network so that they can earn their junior driver’s license.

Steps to Safety


A child safety program that teaches children the basics of pedestrian safety through a virtual reality game application that simulates walking through a busy road network.

  • Pedestrian Safety Seminar- An accredited road safety instructor conducts an easy-to-understand 15-minuted pedestrian safety seminar to children and their parents/guardians. A pre-requisite before playing the V.R App on a Samsung Gear VR gadget.
  • Steps To Safety Virtual Reality App- Exclusively-developed virtual reality program that simulates walking through busy city streets complete with pedestrian crossings, foot bridges, signalized intersections and fast-moving cars and buses. Children are required to walk safely to several destinations within a specific time limit to earn their Badge of Safety.