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Roadside Assistance.

Roadside Assistance.

Roadside Assistance.

Accidents and breakdowns do happen – despite all precautions. When you drive a Volkswagen, you are entitled to an exclusive ownership privilege that is designed to provide you with 24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance.

24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance.

In the event of vehicle breakdown, please call the 24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance hotline number (02) 8 459-4772.
Assistance with an accident.

Required information before calling the 24/7 ERA hotline.

  • Your name and location
  • Registration number, model and color of your Volkswagen vehicle
  • Description of the issue/ concern
  • A telephone number where you can be contacted

Please do not make arrangements without first contacting the 24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance hotline number (02) 8 459-4772. All calls shall be recorded. This will help us confirm details of the call that may be incomplete or unclear.

Accident & Breakdown Guide.

24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance Services.

  • Towing service
  • Vehicle recovery/ Removal of vehicle
  • Battery jump start
  • Lock-out service
  • Flat tire service

Click the button below for more details and service guidelines.

Assistance with an accident.

Benefits and other services.

  • Relay of urgent messages
  • Accident coordination
  • Ambulance coordination assistance
  • Arrangement for hospital admission