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Volkswagen Genuine Parts®

Safe, high quality and perfectly tuned to your Volkswagen: With Volkswagen Genuine Parts®, you'll be back on the road in safety and comfort following a repair or maintenance, and your Volkswagen will still be 100% an original.


Air Filters.

A clean engine is a long-lasting engine.

Think of your Volkswagen engine’s air filter as a shield that helps keep out dust and other particles, and you can easily see why it’s important to have a clean, high-quality, perfectly fitting air filter in place at all times. That’s because any dust particles that get through can generate abrasion, in a similar way to a sand blaster, and can badly damage inlet valves, piston rings, cylinder walls, and main bearings. 



The energy from the starter battery is the prerequisite for your operational Volkswagen. Strict process guidelines in production, storage and care of the Volkswagen Genuine Battery guarantee that you have the best quality, safety and flawless functionality.


Brake Discs and Pads.

Genuine Brake Discs and Pads are designed specifically for your Volkswagen model and tailored to its weight, engine output power and top speed for optimum braking performance, shorter stopping distances and enhanced service life. Specifically designed friction materials eliminate juddering, screeching, chattering, grinding, vibrations and burning odours, enhancing driving comfort.


Brake Fluid.

It is essential to have your brake fluid changed regularly to avoid a decrease on your car's performance and safety. More than giving you peace of mind, having it changed will prevent contamination that could lead to a more expensive repair. Brake fluid must withstand operating temperatures of up to 230°C but over time absorbs water which boils at 100°C. As the water boils, it turns to compressible vapour which means you won't be able to brake as efficiently.


Body & Paintwork.

Not only does it look great, it's safe too. Volkswagen Genuine Body Parts are the basic framework of your Volkswagen, and protect you and your passengers from environmental influences and accidents. To ensure that your Volkswagen looks as good as new after a bump, Volkswagen Genuine Paintwork helps to bring back its original shine.


Clutch Sets.

Stepping on the gas pedal, driving off, shifting and accelerating – it’s easy work for you, but a lot of heavy lifting for the clutch. It has to transfer rotary movement and torque from the engine to the drive train before once more disengaging. And it has to perform this engage-disengage procedure many thousands of times, each time as reliably as the last. Volkswagen Genuine clutch sets have been optimally designed for Volkswagen vehicles.


Dust and Pollen Filters.

Poor air quality in vehicle interiors has a tiring effect on occupants – and that can be dangerous. Volkswagen Genuine dust and pollen filters keep dust, soot and microorganisms outside, and ensure that the air in the vehicle’s interior remains fresh. Even allergy sufferers can breathe easily: Pollen is filtered out effectively.


Fuel Filters.

Fuel is unfortunately not quite as pure as it appears. It contains fine contaminants, such as dust, rust, water and tank residue. If they ever end up in your engine, they would quickly cause serious damage to it. Volkswagen Genuine fuel filters are able to prevent this from happening by purifying the fuel, so that the engine’s service life remains long.



Headlights and taillights dominate the appearance of your vehicle, while, of course, performing important safety functions. Unfortunately, they are among the most frequently damaged parts of a vehicle when accidents occur.


Oil Filters.

Oil allows your engine to function. It lubricates, cools, seals the combustion chamber and protects against corrosion. It filters out dust, metallic grit, oil carbon and soot particles. Volkswagen Genuine oil filters constantly purify the circulating engine oil, allowing only clean oil to reach lubrication and bearing points in the engine. They ensure optimal engine performance and long service life.


Shock Absorbers.

Shock absorbers work very hard to keep you safe on the road. They have to ensure that the wheels retain contact with the road surface in all situations and that the vehicle keeps safely on course – when accelerating, braking and steering on uneven and wet road surfaces, with just a car and driver or a full vehicle.



A Genuine Exhaust Silencer is designed, engineered and thoroughly tested for the correct amount of back pressure, so it maximises your Volkswagen’s engine performance and fuel economy. It’s engineered for your Volkswagen model so it matches the engine characteristics and is designed in conjunction with other components of the exhaust system, including the catalytic converter, to provide optimum acoustic silencing properties. The use of high grade, optimum strength materials limits exhaust noise, reduces the risk of components falling and stops exhaust fumes leaking and getting into the interior of your Volkswagen.


Spark Plugs.

Spark plugs ignite a compressed mixture of fuel and air in the combustion chamber at a precisely defined moment. Any ignition of the fuel-air mixture that occurs either too early or too late can adversely affect engine performance and fuel consumption, and even cause damage. Employing Volkswagen Genuine spark plugs eliminates this possibility.


Timing Belts.

The timing belt is located on the front end of the engine and connects the crankshaft and the camshaft. The camshaft on the cylinder head ensures the regular opening and closing the valves. Timing belts are subject to extremely cold and hot temperatures, and to severe mechanical stress. During its service life, a timing belt travels an enormous rotational distance within the engine, equal to more than six times around the globe.


Wiper Blades.

For improved safety and windshield visibility, windshield wipers will always help you see things through. Designed to perfectly fit the curvature of Volkswagen windshields, Genuine Volkswagen windshield wipers are engineered for superior wiping quality and long-lasting performance. It is made of a specially blended rubber compound that resists heat, road chemicals, and ultraviolet rays.